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Comp_PreventionPeer Helping

Training of middle school and high school youth in communication skills. Participants learn skills to communicate more effectively with their peers, friends, and family with emphasis on being a better listener. Strategies are taught with a hands-on approach, along with discussion of topics of concern chosen by the youth themselves.

Conflict Management Training

Educate students in problem solving by teaching the skills of conflict management. Students need to know how to manage and resolve conflicts if they are to become responsible members of school and of society. Conflict Management is taught at all levels of school. Conflict management skills training can also be custom designed for the workplace and employee relationships.

photostrip2Mentor Training

Provides the skills and training to be a mentor. The goal is to formally match youth with youth or youth with adult to form a sustained relationship through continued involvement. This relationship offers support, guidance, and assistance as the younger person goes through a difficult period, faces new challenges or works to correct earlier problems.

Pregnancy Prevention

An educational / motivational program that encourages young men and women (ages 12-16) to accept shared responsibility of pregnancy prevention by illustrating the consequences of premature and unprotected sexual activity, motivating them to make responsible decisions about sex and examine the high cost of parenting and are encouraged to think twice about the realities of teen parenthood. Draw The Line, Respect the Line is taught in sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth grades. This includes building skills to avoid risky behaviors and for making healthy decisions when dealing with peer pressure.

All Stars

An interactive program to prevent alcohol, drug and tobacco use, violence, and premature sexual activity among middle school youth. The All Stars program focuses on five strategies that research says will decrease young people's chances of being involved in these behaviors.

Coalition Building

Assists communities in developing an organizational framework that involves individuals, groups and organizations working together to build strengths and reduce risks in their communities. These people learn how to assess and prioritize needs and create positive changes within the community.

Drug Free Workplace

"Creating a Drug-Free Iowa Workplace" is an education program to businesses and agencies in Clayton County, Iowa. We assist businesses to implement any and all components of the drug-free workplace program including developing a drug-free workplace policy, an employee assistance program, and basic alcohol and drug education.

Tobacco EducationIowaMasthead

Promotion and implementation of tobacco prevention presentations in all school districts in Clayton County, Iowa. Encourage and engage high school students in tobacco control activities. We promote and encourage tobacco free campuses and public environments. Education on health risks of tobacco use and promotion of smoke-free workplaces. We also promote use of Quitline Iowa.